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law extra credit - Alberto R Gonzales v Angel Raich...

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Alberto R. Gonzales v. Angel Raich, 03-1454 (2005) Facts: Two plaintiffs in this case were experiencing pain due to serious illnesses. They unsuccessfully tried to alleviate the pain by using conventional medications. But when the medications proved to be ineffective, they obtained prescriptions by their physicians, to use marijuana. In addition to using the marijuana for relief they also began growing the marijuana for their own medicinal use. Both plaintiffs and their physicians concluded that the marijuana was effective in alleviating their pain. Although legal under California law, federal law enforcement officers seized the plants and charged the defendants for possession and use of this controlled substance under the Federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA). The defendants tried to use prohibitory injunction to block the federal prosecution, but the District Court refused to grant injunction. Court of Appeals reversed the district court and granted injunction against enforcement. Justice Department appeals to U.S. Supreme Court.
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