MAE 103 Study list

MAE 103 Study list - o Derivation o Applications mom cons o...

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MAE 103 outline Introduction: o Fluid definitions, characteristics o Fluid properties, measures, compressibility o Pressure o Viscosity Fluid Statics: o Pressure specifications o Hydrostatic pressure distributions o Standard atmosphere concepts o Applications to manometry o Hydrostatic forces on plane surfaces o Hydrostatic forces on curved surfaces o Buoyancy and stability o Pressure variation with rigid body motion Pressure Variation in Flowing Fluids: o Bernoulli’s equation o Applications, pressure concepts o Energy and hydraulic grade lines Flow Kinematics: o Velocity, acceleration o Eulerian, Lagrangian reference frames o Streamlines, streaklines, pathlines o Convective, unsteady effects o Volume and mass rates of flow, averages o Reynolds’ transport theorem o First Midterm Exam (1 hour) o RTT for moving control volumes Conservation of Mass: o Derivation o Fixed, moving, and deforming CV’s o Applications: mass cons. o Differential form of continuity Conservation of Momentum:
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Unformatted text preview: o Derivation o Applications: mom. cons. o Differential form (Euler eqns.) o Re-examination of Bernoulli eqn. o Intro. to Navier-Stokes eqns. o Simple exact solns. to the N-S eqns. • Conservation of Energy: o Derivation o Characteristics of loss terms o Applications, comparison with Bernoulli eqn. • Viscous Pipe Flow: o Background, laminar flow o Second Midterm Exam (1 hour) o Laminar pipe flow o Turbulent pipe flow o Moody diagram o Pipe flow applications • Compressible Flow: o Thermodynamic concepts, ideal gases o Mach number, speed of sound, sound propagation o 1D Euler flow in ducts o Stagnation and static conditions o Flow in nozzles/ diffusers o Normal shock waves • Dimensional Analysis, Dynamic Similitude o Non-dimensional parameters o Buckingham Pi Theorem o Dynamic similitude, dimensionless groups o Review Material...
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MAE 103 Study list - o Derivation o Applications mom cons o...

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