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MAE 101: Statics and Strength of Materials Fall 2011 Due Friday, September 30 th , 2011 Problem 1. (Problem 3.33 from the Bedford et al.) The un- stretched length of the spring AB is 660mm, and the spring constant k = 1000 N/m. What is the mass of the suspended object. Answer m = 4 . 447 kg Problem 2. (Problem 3.54 from Bedford at al). The mass of each pulley of the system in m and the mass of the suspended object A is m A . Determine the force T necessary for the system to be in equilibrium.
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Unformatted text preview: Answer T = ± g 7 ² ( m a-4 m ) Problem 3. (Problem 2.16 from Gross et al). A cable (length l , weight negligible) is attached to to walls at A and B . A cube (weight G ) on a frictionless pulley (radius negligible) is suspended by the cable. Find distance d of the cube from the left side in the equilibrium posi-tion and calculate the force S in the cable Answer S = Gl 2 √ l 2-a 2 d = a 2 ³ 1-b √ l 2-a 2 ´ 1...
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