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MAE 101: Statics and Strength of Materials Fall 2011 Due Wednesday, October 5 th , 2011 Problem 4. (Problem 3.57 The light fixture of weight W is suspended from a circular arch by a large number N of equally spaced cables. The tension T in each cable is the same. Show that T = ± πW 2 N ² Problem 5. (Problem 2.15 from Gross et al). A large cylin- der (weight 4 G , radius
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Unformatted text preview: 2 r ) lies on top of two small cylinders (each having weight G and radius r ) as shown in Fig. 2.26. The small cylinders are connected by a wire S (length 3 r ). All surfaces are smooth. Determine all contact forces and the magnitude of force S in the wire. Answer N 1 = 4 √ 3 G, N 2 = 3 G, S = 2 √ 3 G 1...
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