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Unformatted text preview: COURSE SYLLABUS School of Arts & Science Department of Humanities Term: Fall, 2010 Course Title : Hospitality Law Course Number : LAW 2010 Credit Hours : 4.5 Quarter Credit Hours Prerequisite : None Professor : David Spatt Office Phone : 598-4627 Office Location : Taco 109 e-mail : dspatt@jwu.edu (Better and faster than calling me) Public Folder Location : Providence Campus, School of Arts & Science, David Spatt Office Hours : Tuesday / Thursday 9:30 11:00 am, or by appt. Course Description : This is an introductory course in the law with emphasis placed upon hotel and restaurant issues. Topics include: sources of law; court systems; jurisdiction; contracts; negligence; the innkeeper-guest relationship; and liability from the service of food and alcoholic beverages. Course Objectives : The student should be able to: 1. Define and distinguish among common law rules, statutes, constitutions and administrative regulations; 2. Distinguish between remedies at law and remedies at equity; 3. Describe or sketch basic state and federal court systems; 4. Describe the basic steps involved in the civil litigation process; 5. Explain and apply the basic rules of contract formation, including offer, acceptance and consideration; 6. Explain ad apply contractual capacity and legality; 7. Define the major defenses to breach of contract, including the Statute of Frauds; 8. Explain the duty of care owed by landowners to invitees, as distinguished from the duty owed to trespassers; 9. Apply the various doctrines associated with breach of duty, including res ipsa loquitor , attractive nuisance, respondeat superior , and the relation of safety regulations to the duty of care; 10. Enumerate the defenses to a lawsuit for negligence; 11. Explain how the common law relationship of innkeeper and guest is created and terminated; 12. Explain the relationship between an innkeeper's common law liability for a guest's property and modern liability limiting statutes; 13. Distinguish between the different types of bailment; 14. Distinguish between various bases of liability for the service of unfit food; and 15. Explain the basic principles of dram shop liability....
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This note was uploaded on 11/06/2011 for the course LAW 2010 taught by Professor Davidspatt during the Fall '11 term at Johnson & Wales University- Charlotte.

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2010_Hosp- syllabus-latest (1) - COURSE SYLLABUS School of...

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