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William Booth Kerner ENC 1102 February 2, 2011 Animal Rights There has been an everlasting argument occurring worldwide regarding the issue of animal testing for medical purposes. Some yay sayers claim it's about looking at the bigger picture and how the small animal sacrifices benefit the human species, while the nay sayers bring up the issues that are against animal testing. In Peter Singer’s “Animal Liberation” and in Albert Rosenfeld’s “Animal Rights Versus Human Health” they write about their different ideas of justification of animal testing , alternative experimental methods, and “speciesism”. Both Singer and Rosenfeld tell about the justification on animal testing. Singer writes that animal testing is not right and to justify animal testing, we should ask the doctor conducting the experiment to use a retarded human instead of the animal. She also asks another question that would we let one animal die if it
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saves thousands of lives, but she says there could never be a single experiment where that is possible. On the other hand, Rosenfeld has totally different ideas about the justification of animal testing than Singer. He writes that the laws are preventing
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animal rights paper - William Booth Kerner ENC 1102...

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