Pros and Cons of drinking alcohol as a young adult

Pros and Cons of drinking alcohol as a young adult -...

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Drinking is a typical activity for any high school and college student. It's even a hobby for most adults, but drinking while underage or still attending school has its upsides, and most definitely it's downsides. As a young student growing up in a society filled with constant billboard ads promoting popular brands of alcohol and liquor, drinking on the weekends, and even in between, seems harmless. The pros of drinking, in the eyes of a typical high school or college student, would be the social status, the feeling of acceptance, a way to be themselves without worrying about what people think, and for some people the euphoric feeling of loss of control. The list of cons stretches far beyond the pros, ranging from loss of complete control resulting in serious mistakes like driving a car and risking lives, having unprotected sex, the risk of alcohol poisoning, or the ultimate con which would be death. As a young student experiencing the critical world of high school and even college, drinking seems like a great way to express yourself and to blow off some steam. It can definitely be something that's enjoyable and, if done responsibly, then you may even have some memories along the way. Driving to a party on a Friday night, you pass billboards promoting alcohol using words like fun and great, then stepping into a crowd of twenty people doing shots and playing beer pong, there seems to be no other
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Pros and Cons of drinking alcohol as a young adult -...

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