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SPC 1608: Audience Analysis Assignment (2-part assignment) Percentage of Grade: 10% Part 1 ( Interviews): 5% In Class Date: _______________ Part 2 (Typed Report): 5% Due Date: ________________ Objectives: 1) To understand more about your audience’s views toward your persuasive speech topic and position by asking them questions related to some or each of the following areas: opinion/attitude, experience, emotion, level of agreement, knowledge, understanding, level of interest, degree of action, background, affiliation and/or involvement (political, religious, civil, military, etc.), and more. 2) To target your research and customize your speech to meet the needs of your audience. Part 1: Audience Analysis (Interview) 1) Write 7 - 10 interview questions related to your persuasive position statement and topic. You should include the following types of questions so you get helpful responses from your audience members: Ø Open-Ended Questions : The bulk of your questions should be open-ended, defined as questions that require a response other than "yes" or “no." The following example questions are on the topic of Abortion: ü "At what age do you feel that a person can make responsible decisions on major life issues? What kind of issues?
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Audience_Analysis_Assignment - SPC 1608: Audience Analysis...

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