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Cultural Awareness Speech Guidelines-1

Cultural Awareness Speech Guidelines-1 - Cultural Awareness...

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Cultural Awareness Speech Guidelines Topic Due: Wed., July 7 Rough Draft Due: Tues., 7/12 Presentation Dates: Wed. & Thurs., 7/13 & 7/14 Overview: This is an Informative Speech focusing on a topic that has, does, or will involve, impact, and/or influence human beings in some way. Goal: To inform Inform = Impart. You will simply be sharing information with your audience. There must be NO element of persuasion, including your opinion, in this speech. Topic Categories: Your topic is your choice. You are not limited to the following, but here are some suggestions of categories you may want to choose from… your own or another's country, race, or ethnicity, traditions, customs, festivals, history, important event, food, clothing, religion, politics, philosophy, an ideology, pop icon, art, music, a person or people group, a humanitarian project, a societal issue of concern (like health, poverty, or the environment), how something works or is made, an industry, job, hobby, activity, sport, or talent, a geographical place, natural
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