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Fall 2011 (TR 12pm)

Fall 2011 (TR 12pm) - Valencia College Fall 2011 Syllabus...

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Valencia College Fall 2011 Syllabus POS 2041 (Prefix) 11722 (CRN): U.S. Government TR 12:00-1:15pm Building 3, Room 300 Instructor: Dr. Scott Creamer Office: 3-323 Office Hours: MW 10:30am-12:30pm, TR 1:30pm-2:30pm Online Hours: F 9:00am-1:00pm Email: [email protected] Website: http://poliscivalencia.wetpaint.com/ Catalog Description : This course focuses on analysis of the organization, structure, and operational dynamics of the U.S. national government, both past and present, and an examination of the U.S. Constitution, including principles and theories supporting it. The course includes learning activity designed to ensure competence in the basic use of computers. Course Framework This course looks at early American government in three parts: I. Foundations II. Political Institutions: Branches of Government III. Essential Concepts of Democracy This course will acquaint students with the organization, structure, and functions of the American national government and of the American political parties. Attention will be paid to the Constitution, the congress, the courts, the presidency, and administration. We will devote about a month each to the three different parts. Each part includes a mixture of lecture, discussion, and analysis of primary sources and what historians and political scientists have written about those sources. As you will see, we will attack those topics in an interesting and, I hope, enjoyable way. By the end of the semester, you will know a lot more than you do now about each of these three larger topics, and you will be able to apply that knowledge to not only the events of modern U.S. government and policy but also to many other areas of scholarly investigation. Text : Schmidt, et al., American Government and Politics Today, 2011-2012 Edition (10 th ed.), Boston: Wadsworth-Cengage Learning, 2011). ISBN-10: 0495904465 Learning Objectives: As a result of this experience, students will be able to: critically examine primary and secondary works as to content, perspectives, and significance (political science as a discipline of study); utilize the ECCO (Expectations, Constraints, Choices, and Outcomes) framework to gain understanding of events and individuals within historical and contemporary contexts (critical thinking skills); demonstrate how the U.S. Constitution is an organic document that shapes history and policy while is itself shaped by history (political development of the American nation); 1
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explain how diverse groups of people have contributed to the formation of a nation (race, ethnicity, and religion in America); explain the transformation of the relationship of the United States to other nations over time (international development); appreciate the value of political inquiry and study in our development as students and citizens.
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