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Test #1 Review POS 2041 U.S. Government I. Multiple Choice and True/False – the following are the terms and concepts that I want you to know for the test as they relate to U.S. government. Government, legitimacy, coercion, autocracy, oligarchy, democracy, totalitarian, authoritarian, constitutional, state, nationalism, Federalist 23, Federalist 30 , politics, the five principles of politics, conscription, order, liberty, aristocracy, direct democracy, referendum, republic, majoritarianism, elite theory, pluralism, collective action problem, Articles of Confederation, U.S. Constitution, seven articles of the U.S. Constitution, bicameralism, Baron de Montesquieu, federalists, anti-federalists, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay, John Adams, Federalist Papers, Richard Henry Lee, Patrick Henry, separation of
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Unformatted text preview: powers, natural rights, social contract, Madisonian model, ratification, state, unicameralism, state, supremacy doctrine, unitary vs. federal government, federalism, confederation, three stages of federalism in American history, dual federalism, cooperative federalism, regulated federalism, new federalism, sovereignty, checks and balances, devolution, McCulloch v. Maryland, U.S. v. Lopez , block grants, categorical grants, supremacy clause, extradite, federal mandate, civil liberties, civil rights, Bill of Rights, Federalist 84, Federalist 51, 14 th Amendment, Barron v. Baltimore, Slaughter-House Cases , double security, dual citizenship, equally situated, separate-but-equal doctrine, subpoena, suffrage...
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