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SyllabusTRIG(2011)-1 - TRIGONOMETRY SYLLABUS MAC 1114 S01...

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SYLLABUS TRIGONOMETRY MAC 1114 – S01 Spring Term, 2011 Catalog Description: Prerequisite: Minimum grade of C in MAC 1102 or MAC 1104 or MAC 1105 or an appropriate score on an approved assessment. Topics include a symbolical, graphical and numerical analysis of trigonometric functions; solutions of plane triangles and vectors. Applications emphasizing connections with other disciplines and with the real world will be included. Technology tools will be utilized in addition to analytical methods. Gordon Rule course. Minimum grade of C required if MAC 1114 is used to satisfy Gordon Rule and general education requirements. Credit not given for both MAC 1114 and MAC 1132 nor MAC 1114 and MAC 1142, nor for MAC 1114 and MAC 1147. INSTRUCTOR: Dr. ALVARO BOLANO-DELAHOZ E-MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected] REQUIRED MATERIALS TEXTBOOK: PRECALCULUS 4E, BITTINGER/BEECHER/ ELLENBOGEN/PENNA GRAPHS & MODELS CALCULATOR: A graphing calculator is required. The TI-84 Plus is used for in- class demonstrations and is particularly recommended. You will not be permitted to use a calculator that performs symbolic manipulations (such as TI-89 or TI-92 etc. ) on tests. CLASS POLICIES ATTENDANCE: You are expected to attend every class meeting, unless an illness or emergency makes it impossible for you to do so. You are responsible for any information and/or assignments given during class, whether you are present or not
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You may not be allowed to “make up” assignments that you miss due to an absence. If you are absent on a day that an in-class activity occurs for credit or extra credit, your grade may be adversely affected, at the discretion of the instructor. You are expected to be in class on time, and to remain in class for the entire period unless permission to leave early has been granted by the instructor. It is disruptive to arrive or depart while class is in session. Go to “course grade determination” to see how your grade will be affected if you are absent for three class meetings (1 class meeting = 50 minutes) CONDUCT: You are encouraged to actively participate and ask pertinent questions during class. Courtesy will be observed at all times.
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SyllabusTRIG(2011)-1 - TRIGONOMETRY SYLLABUS MAC 1114 S01...

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