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PHY 224 KEY Quiz 6

PHY 224 KEY Quiz 6 - Physics 224 Spring 2009 Quiz#6...

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Physics 224 - Spring 2009 - Quiz #6 Name: **Circle the correct answer from the choices provided with each question. In addition, you must justify your selection of an answer. You may show your mathematical work, provide a clear definition, or eliminate the incorrect answers. Only partial credit will be given if a clear justification is not provided. 1) A coil is suspended around an axis which is co-linear with the axis of a bar magnet. The coil is connected to a resistor with ends labeled "a" and "b." The bar magnet moves from left to right with North and South poles labeled in the figure. Use Lenz's law to answer the following question concerning the direction of induced currents and magnetic fields. The direction of the current through the resistor is 1. From a to b . -> 3. From b to a 3 . 3. Zero 4. Not enough information given < - 2) A bar magnet is held above the center of a conducting wire loop in a horizontal plane with the south end of the magnet toward the loop. The magnet is dropped. Find the direction of the currelit. as viewed
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