God of the Minority

God of the Minority - God of the Minority Many minority...

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God of the Minority Many minority groups try to put a face to divine figures such as God. These groups don’t understand that by doing this, they could be very well just be creating a mechanism for coping with today’s society. Often times minority groups such as blacks, Indians, and Mexicans try to put a face to their God that is may represent their own. In the same sense, groups like these also try to use this as a way of using a divine figure to express their minority in a particular way. Society at times can put down certain races in the sense that traditional biblical references point to the fact that god is white. This can lead to a number of commonly raised questions: What color is god? Is there more than one god? Can god be many different ethnicities at the same time? James H. Cone once said: “I still believe that ‘God is black’ in the sense that God’s identity is exploited and humiliated because of their [the minority’s] color”. This simply means that minorities, much like what Cone was a part of, want to believe that god is, quite simply, “One of them”. This could very well bring rise to an issue in the American Christian Church due to the fact that it is widely believed that God is of a white ethnicity. In respect to this issue, Cone also says that “There is no place for a colorless God in a society where human beings suffer precisely because of their color”. What Cone is trying to imply here is a question of whether or not if God would allow all of the suffering caused by racial issues to happen in the first place? The answer to this can only be determined by your own personal views. However you do have to understand, although some may disagree, that god cannot control everything that happens or that has already happened in our society. For instance, The Holocaust is commonly referred to as one of the most terrible events in the history of the world. Many
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God of the Minority - God of the Minority Many minority...

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