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텝스입문GVR 15강 문&igrave

텝스입문GVR 15ê°• 문ì

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Unformatted text preview: 죠셉킴의 입문 종합 TEPS GVR 강 [15 ] 1. It has long been known that international diversification is always a good idea, and lately, some great undervalued opportunities have developed. Despite turmoil in Asia and elsewhere, mutual funds that _____________________ offer reduced risk and excellent growth. Here is a convenient guide to some of the best of the overseas investment opportunities that should be of interest to American investors. (a) invest in foreign companies (b) maintain a domestic portfolio (c) sell foreign properties (d) provide stateside jobs 2. Are human muscles inadequate for flight? In 1678, a French locksmith named Besnier claimed to have achieved sustained flight using only muscle power. His contraption consisted of two rods with cloth panels that flapped when he kicked his ankles. He said that by jumping from the attic and flapping, he was able to fly over neighboring houses. Few of his contemporaries believed him; nobody claimed to have seen the flight, and noneneighboring houses....
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