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Chapter 17 - Chapter 17 Metabolism OVERVIEW OF METABOLISM...

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Chapter 17 Metabolism OVERVIEW OF METABOLISM Definitions and overview I. Metabolism: totality of chemical reactions that a cell is capable of carrying out. Metabolic pathway are complex and interrelated. Some of the pathways are circular. Some are linear or branched. II. Role of Metabolism it is necessary for every function which goes on in the body a. Generate energy for the cell a. As carnivores or omnivores we get energy for our system by metabolism compounds from the environment. b. Plants get there energy from the sun b. Convert nutrient molecules into precursors which are the building blocks of the body, such as amino acids or nucleic acids c. Assemble marcomolecules it is necessary for processes like translation and transcription d. Synthesis and degradation of molecules with specialized functions III. Metabolic pathways: Array of chemical reactions that bring about a specific transformation
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Metabolic pathways can be: o Linear- A yields B which yields C which yields D it can be an endergonic or exergonic product along the way o Branched A it yields product B which yields product C and D o Cyclic This cycle is more rare. Start with reaction A which yields B which products some by-product, then the reaction proceeds until the initial product is form A. Example: The citric acid cycle Compounds along a pathway = intermediates = metabolites Metabolism is divided into 2 major classes of reactions 1. Catabolism the degradation pathway. Start with a large, high energy molecule which is broken down into smaller molecules. This process is oxidative in manner and is usually used to generate energy. This is an exergonic reaction.
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Chapter 17 - Chapter 17 Metabolism OVERVIEW OF METABOLISM...

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