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Chapter 17_1 - Glycolysis Now that we know what...

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Glycolysis Now that we know what carbohydrates look like chemically and how metabolic functions work, we are going to examine certain pathways. Introduction and Overview Glycolysis literally means “the breaking of glucose” (Greek: glykus = sweet, and lysis = loosening). This is a catabolic process, which means that a little bit of energy is generated from it. The complete glycolytic pathway was elucidated in the 1940s thanks the to scientific efforts of a number of investigators. Glycolysis: the process by which glucose is broken down into two 3-carbon molecules, yielding energy (ATP) and reducing equivalents (NADH). Catabolic pathways can produce energy, carbon skeletons, or electrons in the forms of reduced coenzymes Cellular localization of glycolysis Glycolysis occurs in the cytoplasm Metabolic pathways are compartmentalized. Glucose gets brought into the cell and then the process starts to take place 1. Glucose is transported into the cell Glucose is too polar to diffuse across the lipid bilayer so there are specific transport proteins which bring it into the cell. 2. enzymes responsible for catalyzing the rxns. of glycolysis are localized in the cytoplasm
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Stages of glycolysis There are two states in the glycolytic process: Energy investment stage: If you want to become rich as an investor, you have to play the stock market and therefore, you need money. The cell also must invest energy in order to make energy. The cell invests to ATP which are later converted to two ADP + two P i Energy recovery stage: In this stage the cell is able to make 4 ATP and 2 reducing equivalents, NADH +
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Chapter 17_1 - Glycolysis Now that we know what...

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