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exam 1pdf - Biology 252 Exam 1 DeSaix Name_KEY Print your...

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Biology 252 -- Exam 1-- DeSaix May 21, 2009 Name_____KEY________________ Print your name, last name first, legibly on your answer sheet. Fill in Bubbles for your name and PID. Each answer is worth 2 points. Always choose one best answer and use only number 2 pencils to fill in your answers. Be sure to sign the pledge on your answer sheet. The last question will be used only if another question has to be deleted. Turn in your scantron. Keep your test paper with answers. 1) Epithelial tissues always exhibit polarity; that is, they have a free surface and a basal surface. A) True B) False 1) Answer: True False Page Ref: 109 2) Functions of connective tissues include binding, support, insulation, and protection. A) True B) False 2) Answer: True False Page Ref: 117 3) Epithelial tissue ________. 3) A) is highly vascularized B) has a basement membrane C) is usually acellular D) contains a number of neuron types Answer: B Page Ref: 109 4) The tissue type that arises from all three embryonic germ layers is ________. 4) A) epithelial tissue B) connective tissue C) nervous tissue D) muscle tissue Answer: A Page Ref: 109 5) Select the correct statement regarding the cells of connective tissue. 5) A) Connective tissue does not contain cells. B) Connective tissue cells are nondividing. C) Chondroblasts are the main cell type of connective tissue proper. D) "Blast" cells are undifferentiated, actively dividing cells. Answer: D Page Ref: 119 - 120 Biol 252 Exam - 1 21 May, 2009 1
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The dense fibrous connective tissue portion of the skin is located in the reticular region of the dermis. A) True B) False 6) Answer: True False Page Ref: 141 7) The reason that the nail bed appears pink is the presence of a large number of melanocytes in the underlying dermis. A) True B) False 7) Answer: True False Page Ref: 148 - 149 8) A needle would pierce the epidermal layers of the forearm in which order? 8) A) basale, spinosum, granulosum, corneum B) basale, spinosum, granulosum, lucidum, corneum C) granulosum, basale, spinosum, corneum D) corneum, granulosum, spinosum, basale Answer: D Page Ref: 139; Fig. 5.2 9) In addition to protection (physical and chemical barrier), the skin serves other functions. Which of the following is another vital function of the skin? 9) A) It converts modified epidermal cholesterol to a vitamin D precursor important to calcium metabolism. B) It aids in the transport of materials throughout the body. C) The cells of the epidermis store glucose as glycogen for energy. D) It absorbs vitamin C so that the skin will not be subject to diseases. Answer: A Page Ref: 150 10) What is the first threat to life from a massive third - degree burn? 10) A) infection B) catastrophic fluid loss C) unbearable pain D) loss of immune function Answer: B Page Ref: 152 11) Hematopoiesis refers to the formation of blood cells within the red marrow cavities of certain bones. A)
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exam 1pdf - Biology 252 Exam 1 DeSaix Name_KEY Print your...

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