Gene Isolation & manipulation

Gene Isolation & manipulation - AXO 5:15 Wednesday Gene...

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AXO – 5:15 Wednesday Gene Isolation and Manipulation – Chapter 20 DNA technology – collective technique for obtaining, amplifying, and manipulation specific DNA fragments. Genetic engineering- application of DNA technology to specific biological, medical, or agricultural problems Genomics – extension of the technology to analysis of nucleic acids Donor DNA – sample of interest o Genomic DNA – obtained directly from organism o cDNA – Complementary DNA double-stranded version of mRNA , reverse transcriptase synthesizes a single stranded DNA molecule which is used as a template for double o Chemically synthesized DNA - synthesized chemically Vectors-enhance DNA o PAC (p1 artifical chromosome) – derivative of P1 bacteriophage o BAC (bacterial artificial chromosome) – vectors, derived from the F plasmid, can carry inserts ranging from 150-300 kb o YAC – yeast artificial chromosome (300kb) Codon bias – human cDNA has to be modified to be optimally expressed Restriction enzymes – cut at specific DNA target sequences (restriction sites), make sticky ends – can base-pair to complementary sequence (called hybridization), DNA ligase fixes them together
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Gene Isolation & manipulation - AXO 5:15 Wednesday Gene...

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