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example test 2 - Biol. 101 DeSaix Feb. 27, 2007 Name_ Print...

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Biol. 101 – DeSaix Feb. 27, 2007 Name_________________________ Print your name, last name first, and your PID number legibly on your answer sheet. Bubble in both below. Each answer is worth 2 points. Always choose one best answer and use only number 2 pencils to fill in your answers. Be sure to sign the pledge on your answer sheet. The last question will be used only if another question has to be deleted. Turn in your answer sheet in alphabetical order at the front of the room. Keep your test paper with answers to check against the key so that you will know what you have missed. The key will be posted on Blackboard after the test. However, your test score will be posted on Student Central. ____ 1. In a diploid organism with the genotype AaBBCCDDEE, how many genetically distinct kinds of gametes would be produced? 1) 32 2) 2 3) 4 4) 25 5) None of these. ____ 2. Sister chromatids are: 1) found only when a cell is not actively dividing. 2) tightly linked together at the centromere. 3) formed when chromatids separate during cell division. 4) made only of DNA. 5) unique to prokaryotes. ____ 3. During what phase do the cell’s chromosomes duplicate themselves, i.e., become double-stranded? 1) telophase 2) interphase 3) prophase 4) anaphase 5) metaphase. The following question is based on this map of a beetle’s chromosomes. ____ 4. Light body | | dark body Short legs | | long legs Black eyes | | pink eyes Big head | | small head Crossing-over (see above) would probably be most frequent between loci of genes: 1) body and legs 2) body and head 3) eyes and head 4) eyes and legs 5) legs and head. ____ 5. Blood types (A, B and O) are controlled by: 1) sex-linked genes. 2) linked genes. 3) multiple genes. 4) multiple alleles. 5) none of the above. ____ 6. In oogenesis after meiosis the number of eggs produced from one original oocyte is: 1) 1 2) 2 3) 3 4) 4. ____ 7. If a cell entering meiosis II has 12 chromosomes, the number of chromosomes in each daughter cell will be: 1) 3 2) 6 3) 12 4) 24 5) none of the above. ____ 8. During meiosis ________ may occur involving the exchange of genes by two homologous chromosomes. 1) Barr body formation 2) crossing-over 3) zygote formation 4) mutation 5) none of these. ____ 9. In a diploid cell: 1) one generally finds an even number of chromosomes. 2) chromosomes will always be double stranded. 3) chromosomes and their homologs are generally present. 4) every chromosome has been replicated and remains in the cell with its copy. 5) 1 and 3. ___ 10. During late anaphase of mitosis: 1) cytokinesis may be completed. 2) the DNA content of the cell doubles. 3) the chromosomes move toward the spindle poles. 4) the chromosomes are aligned at the equatorial plane. 5) homologs separate. ___ 11.
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example test 2 - Biol. 101 DeSaix Feb. 27, 2007 Name_ Print...

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