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Test 1 without answers - Biol 101 Test 1 DeSaix Name Print...

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Biol. 101 Test 1 – DeSaix September 14, 2010 Name ______________________ Print your name, last name first, and your PID number legibly on your answer sheet. Bubble in both below. Each answer is worth 2 points. Always choose one best answer and use only number 2 pencils to fill in your answers. Be sure to sign the pledge on your answer sheet. The last question will be used only if another question has to be deleted. Turn in your answer sheet in alphabetical order at the front of the room. Keep your test paper with answers to check against the key so that you will know what you have missed. The key will be posted on Blackboard after the test. Your score will be on Connect Carolina. _____1. The control in an experiment: a. makes the experiment valid. b. is an additional replicate for statistical purposes. c. reduces the experimental errors. d. minimizes experimental inaccuracy. e. allows a standard of comparison for the experimental group. _____2. “Vacancies” in the electron orbitals of atoms is important in biology because: a. Atoms with vacancies are stable and therefore important for life’s molecules. b. An atom with a vacancy is more likely to react with other atoms. c. An atom with no vacancies is likely to disrupt other atoms through electron interactions. d. A vacancy in an atom’s orbital means that the atom is radioactive and useful for labeling biological processes. e. Most of the atoms which make up life’s molecules have no vacancies. _____3. A molecule with the formula C 55 H 110 O 55 is probably a(n): a. oil. b. steroid. c. wax d. protein. e. polysaccharide. _____4. Which of the following is true about an enzyme? a. An enzyme is stable at high temperatures. b. An enzyme is a vitamin. c. An enzyme increases the activation energy of a substrate and hence accelerates reactions. d. An enzyme catalyzes a reaction that is theoretically impossible otherwise. e. An enzyme combines chemically with a substrate to form a temporary enzyme-substrate complex. _____5. Which of the following best describes enzymes in general? a. They digest food b. They manufacture food c. They were probably the first living things on earth d. They stimulate chemical reactions without being changed _____6. Nucleotides are the building blocks of ____________: a. Carbohydrates b. DNA c. Proteins d. Lipids e. Fat _____7. Which of these is a mismatch: Subunit Functional molecule a. Nucleotides proteins
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b. Monosaccharides sugars c. Amino acids enzymes d. Fatty acids lipids e. Polypeptides proteins _____8. In an early Weight-loss diet, the amount of all the important vitamins and other nutrients were carefully calculated to be sufficient while holding foods high in calories, and especially fat, to a minimum. Which of the following might be a negative effect of such a diet? a.
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Test 1 without answers - Biol 101 Test 1 DeSaix Name Print...

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