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Cell Cycle - Cell Cycle, Mitosis Meiosis Tuesday, February...

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Cell Cycle, Mitosis Meiosis Tuesday, February 10, 2009 10:19 AM 1. Cell Cycle aka Life of a Cell o Interphase Secreting Not dividing o Mitosis Nuclear material is actively dividing Cancer stops mitosis Is uncontrolled cell division Cells shed from lining of gut All about digesting material (mucus protect cell) Most mitosis are from babies Greatest mitosis is in gut Nerve cells don’t mitosis much o Cytokinesis Cytoplasm divides Cell divides (moves) 2. Inter phase o S o G2 3. Cell Division o Genetecic (nuclear) information o o Parceled to daughter cells 4. Division Mechanism o Eukaryotic organisms Mitosis Meiosis o Prokaryotic organisms Prokaryotic fission 5. Mitosis o Growth o Cell replacement o Asexual reproduction Sexual reproduction involves producing new genetic combination Asexual reproduction involve reproduction without new genetic combination Strawberries 6. Karyotype o Looking at nucleus and chromosomes o Taking some of cells and treating w/ chemical that stops them in middle of cell division. They are stopped when chromosomes are compact and easy to see o Chromosomes are counted
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o Chromosome looks like it does (H) because past point where it copies itself o One chromosome whether unduplicated or duplicated 7. Chromosome Number # o Somatic Cells (mitosis) Generally diploid (2n) 2 of each chromosome type o Gametes (meiosis) Haploid (n) 1 of each type (combines with other gamete) 8. Chromosome # o Diploid (2n) cells from fusion of Haploid (1n) o Diploid cells from fusion of Haploid gametes (sperm and egg) 9. Darwin didn’t know about chromosomes or genes 10.Mitosis o To maintain chromosome # o Interphase- chromosome duplicated o Nuclear division after interphase o Usually followed by cytoplasmic division o 4 stages (how replication and division occurs) Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase 11.Interphase o There is a point where cell divides to divide or not o Distinct nucleus o Chromosomes duplicate-- (double stranded) 12.Early Phophase o Mitosis begins o Duplicated (replicated) chromosomes condense
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Cell Cycle - Cell Cycle, Mitosis Meiosis Tuesday, February...

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