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Cell Function - Cell Function/Transport Tuesday, January...

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Cell Function/Transport Tuesday, January 27, 2009 9:39 AM 1. Semi-Permeable o Some things can go through, some things cannot o Water Lipid Proteins Through pores o Difference between diffusion and osmosis is membrane permeability 2. Diffusion o Molecules more to low concentrations o Heat speeds up molecules 3. Osmosis o Introduction of a semi-permeable membrane o Important to note that we are talking about the movement of water o Concentrations of the U tube will never be the same Water flows from hypotonic to hypertonic Hypertonic Hypotonic Isotonic Plant cells will take up water until pressures equalize (tugor) Freshwaters organisms are less concentrated than saltwater (less of a problem in talking on water Distilled Water Story Water would pop cells. Needed isotonic (saline) or isotonic (salt water) Need to know biology when receiving healthcare 4. Active Transport o Needs energy to move in cell o Needs ATP o In example. A protein pump is pumping sodium out and potassium in. o When cells bring in glucose. 5. Bulk Transport o Particle movement into and out of the cells o Endocytosis - vesicles in o Exocytosis- vesicles out o Ameobia Example
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SI Wednesday, January 28, 2009 6:05 PM 1. Both types of cells o DNA region Eukaryotes have membrane bound nucleus Prokaryotes have no membrane bound organelles, such as mitochondria
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Cell Function - Cell Function/Transport Tuesday, January...

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