Hormones - Hormones Thursday 9:26 AM...

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Hormones Thursday, April 09, 2009 9:26 AM Audio recording started: 9:31 AM Thursday, April 09, 2009 1.  2. Hormones 3. Substances produced by special tissue that doesn’t have an opening or duct to release chemical 4. Hormones get to their target 5. How can hormones have different impact on different cells 6. Animals o If produce hormones, go everywhere o Just certain target areas respond to them o Receptor Sites o What kinds of receptors does the cell have 7. Digestive Hormones o Secretin: Produced: small intestine in response to acidity of stomach. Causes release of pancreatic enzymes Discovered as a substance that was being secreted Small intestine gets acid from stomach when food is being digested Pancreas releases enzymes into the small intestine. Duct from pancreas. Small intestine signals pancreas to send enzymes o Gastrin Cells in stomach in response to meat Produced in stomach Vegetarians still produce some Stimulates cells in stomach to release digestive enzymes Causes release of digestive enzymes in stomach 8. Thyroid Gland o Thyroxin Release controlled by Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Thyroxin controls metabolism Thyroid gland in neck If people have too much thyroxin, metabolism speeds up, tend to be very thin. If this happens oblate their thyroid gland. Get rid of. Give people radioactive substance that concentrates in thyroid, just destroys thyroid gland Metabolism Do not really test for amount of thyroxin, test for TSH. TSH sky high, Thyroid putting up thyroxin Don’t want to mess with hormones. Really hard to get right o Calcitonin Controlled by Ca++ level in blood Inhibits release of calcium from bone
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Calcium helps muscles contract and nerves fire right and bones Bones are reservoir, being made and remade all the time
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Hormones - Hormones Thursday 9:26 AM...

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