Plant Reproduction and Development

Plant Reproduction and Development - Plant Reproduction and...

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Plant Reproduction and Development Tuesday, April 07, 2009 9:35 AM Plant Reproduction and Development.wma Audio recording started: 9:35 AM Tuesday, April 07, 2009 1. Plant reproduction and Development o Angiosperm Life Cycles Dominant form is diploid In flowers (meiosis) o Cherry blossoms- reproductive parts o Make sperm-pollen o Male and female gametes via meiosis Haploids then mitosis after that 2. Flower parts o Sepals-usually green (at base of flower) o Petals - radial symmetry Parts to persuade pollinators to come (indicators) o Male Parts Sacs- anthers- produce pollen Stalks - filaments o Stigma- sticky part of female parts (to catch pollen) o Tube from stigma- style 3. Any organism that brings gametes together through sexual reproduction- evolution 4. Flower parts o Sepals, usually green o Petals o Stamens: Filament and Anther o Carpel: Stigma, Style, and Ovary o Some plants have separate parts and some don’t. 5. Polination and fertilization not same things 6. Plants and Pollination o Pollen: From anther o Meiosis---- Sperm o Ovules inside ovary meiosis 7. Pollen gets signal to grow tube and send sperm cell in it o Molecules on surface of pollen and stigma have to match and cause pollen tube to start to grow o Sperm cell will be delivered down the female tube 8. 2 sperm cells deliver into the ovary o Double Fertilization o 1 sperm cell joins with two female cells o Haploid + haploid = diploid
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o 3 x haploid = triploid o Tissue is triploid
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Plant Reproduction and Development - Plant Reproduction and...

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