SI - SI Wednesday 6:03 PM 1 Amniocentesis o Put needle in...

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Unformatted text preview: SI Wednesday, March 18, 2009 6:03 PM 1. Amniocentesis o Put needle in placenta. o Test genetics and figure out things about embryo 2. Genetics o Implantation • Can pick what child looks like • Ethical issues 3. Sickle Cell o One base pair mutated in hemoglobin o Possibility of using gene therapy to reactivate phenol hemoglobin o If can control gene expression externally, we can cut off original hemoglobin and activate phenol hemoglobin. Is better than defective original hemoglobin. o Is not a cure, didn’t work. o Will potentially pass on to kids. o Didn’t work. Wasn’t an effective treatment 4. Cystic Fibrosis o Sprayed esophagus with bacteria agent that would fix mucus production. o Cells didn’t take up properly, so didn’t work. 5. Sickle cell and Cystic f o Gene therapy 6. PKU o Environmental Control 7. Huntington's o Parental testing o Genetic testing ,embryo selection 8. Gene Expression o DNA in every cell is same o Which segment of DNA are transcribed and translated. Is gene expression o DNA in eye cells is same as liver cells • Diverse functions because different parts of DNA activated in each of the cells. o Differential Gene expression controlled at DNA level. o Activators, inhibitors, present o If dna coiled up tightly, not going to get RNA polymerase in there to copy DNA o If opened up more of a chance that gene will be expressed o If can control which introns and exons expressed. o Gene expression how cell controls different gene expressions 9. Hormones o Turn off and on genes o Gene expression or gene control o Important at puberty o Body changes occur because hormones present o LAC operon • Promoter •...
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SI - SI Wednesday 6:03 PM 1 Amniocentesis o Put needle in...

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