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The first chapter of your book was very well written. I didn’t have any trouble following what you were saying. I liked how the first section started out with the idea that migration is by nature enormously complex and has to do with so many places and issues, because it dispels the notion that some may have beforehand that immigration can be fixed by one simple solution. I also liked the Beijing example near the beginning, which really made me think about how much smaller our world has become today. The material discussed in class directly follows the material
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Unformatted text preview: in the book, which makes the readings relevant. For example, the introduction of the term “liberal democracies” in the text parallels our use in class of “liberal democracies” to describe the more developed countries of the North Atlantic. The questions the book aims to tackle are clearly defined at the beginning, which brings the reader to think about these questions while one is reading. It also encourages the reader to think of their own solutions to the current immigration problem....
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