Decisive - Decisive, cheap and practical ways that you...

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Decisive, cheap and practical ways that you could have proved those research questions #3) Graph the percentage of launches that had serious "burn throughs" as a function of the temperature at the time of launch. Notice that they had increased exponentially at lower temperatures! Only launch on warm days! Avoid those billions of dollars of re-designing, the true purpose of which was to leave the public impression that the disaster couldn't have been easily avoided. #2 * Put some calcium chloride in your ATP solution ; enough to compensate for chelation by ATP (read the molecular weights of ATP and CaCl 2 off the bottle labels, or look them up, or calculate them, and start off with equal numbers of CaCl 2 molecules as ATP molecules. The chelation explanation is confirmed if adding this extra Ca++ results in the rounding up not happening when ATP is added. I then tried some lower proportions of calcium, and it turned out that half equimolar or lower proportions of calcium chloride were sufficient to avoid the rounding-up effect. (incidentally, in such experiments one should notice whether the salts, the ATP etc. change the pH, and if they do, be careful to adjust the pH of the added solution back to that of the tissue culture medium you are using. * I cultured cells on thin sheets of rubber , the wrinkling of which would have increased if the cells' contractility got stronger in response to the ATP solution. The cells did round up when ATP was added to the media, but the wrinkling of the rubber was reduced, not increased. Alternatives would have been to culture the cells on collagen gels, or clotted blood
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Decisive - Decisive, cheap and practical ways that you...

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