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May 11 - May 11, 2010 Mesopotamia Memorize- Name of the Art...

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May 11, 2010 Mesopotamia Memorize- Name of the Art work, Artist, Culture, Date Range, Responsible only for the pictures on the slide, The ones in the book can be used for comparison on exam Mesopotamia Fertile Crescent, Agriculture Center, Many rivers lead to agriculture surplus City-states Uruk- population between 10,000-25,000, develop writing systems Hard to defend this area Sumer takes over this language, language of education In Sumer, each city-state is dedicated to a god Citizens begin to build tall structures, “temples” Because of agriculture surplus, allows time for engineering, sculpture, art, and sort of unified style White Temple (Ziggurat) Uruk 3300-3000 BC Made of adobe Ziggurat Built as a fake mountain Sumerian style Tall so that Gods will stay there, also so everyone can see it Sides are sloped so that water channels down and does not damage the adobe Temple is a small structure on the top Does not have room for many people, controls who is allowed to go up to the top Temple is mostly side rooms, offerings stored in these Have to turn to see the statue once inside the temple Sculptures are small so this style of organization allows the statue to have more power Corners face the cardinal directions Primarily dedicated to just one god (patron god of the city-state) Female Head (Inanna) Uruk 3300-3000 BC Sumerian Style Stone Most likely a goddess (Inanna) Inanna is the goddess of love and war Would have originally had eyes and color 8-9 inches high, almost life-size Big eyes- larger than on normal person- typical of Sumerian art- god is watching/listening Presentation of Offerings to Inanna; Warka Vase
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Uruk 3300-3000 BC Alabaster 3 feet high Sumerian style Thought to carry either wheat or beer
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May 11 - May 11, 2010 Mesopotamia Memorize- Name of the Art...

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