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Write 5 questions - research Look up primary documents,...

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Write 5 questions Don’t answer the questions! Write a paragraph explaining: Why the question is relevant to your object Why it is important to know the answer to understand the object How you would find the answer—search terms, type of materials or sources, kinds of evidence Consider a variety of types of questions—relating to material, how it was made, function, or context A research question means it can’t have a one-word/phrase answer Research question must be meaningful, and cannot be answered without
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Unformatted text preview: research Look up primary documents, judge on condition, research what symbols mean, find if things are written about it, how you would interact with it, reason for making, where materials are from how do they make it, is it replacing a different monument, why the image is depicted the way it is, which aspects are realistic and what parts are not realistic, what is its function, whats its purpose, what can be read from the materials...
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