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Women in Global Politics journal - Akunna Ibe Journal...

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Akunna Ibe Journal Entries Week 1: August 30, 2010 I thoroughly enjoyed the class today because I think that this class is will turn out to be everything that I hoped it would be. It has provided a discussion of women- but it is not only about politics, but it is a forum to bring forth any ideas about any kind of women’s rights issues to be discussed. The best part about discussing them though, is that everyone is trying to find the root of the problem in order to find the best possible solution to it. I, personally, have chosen to take this class because it is relevant to my field of study; International Affairs. Being from Nigeria, I really want to take what I learn to from the professor as well as other female students in my class, and go home after graduation and apply it there. I want to eventually, start my own NGO that helps women and children in the country and around the continent. I have seen that people like to dissect the problems of Africa, realize that they need fixing, but don’t actually take action to try to make it better. It is a very personal goal because I am from the continent, so I want to be one of those people that are do-ers and not say-ers. The most important women’s issues that I would like to get to know more about during the semester are: women’s trafficking (sex trade, commodification), unequal rights in the workforce, and representation in politics (women as global leaders). I am looking forward to readings that will bring some of these to light. Week 2: September 13
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Women in Global Politics journal - Akunna Ibe Journal...

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