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November 8 th , 2010 MULTICULTURALISM AND WOMEN p.9 or article: What do you do when you have a state that omits minority cultures and the minorities rebel and say that they have their own culture and want to have the ability to practice them? What rights should triumph? Should we focus on the group’s rights and preservation of the group entity or should they say no, all the rights apply to all the people despite what group they’re from. Group rights vs. individual rights Usually happens among immigrant groups: from south to north, east to west, non- developed to developed countries people from Africa bring cultures that are even more different, especially in terms of values that affect women - To what extent should language be preserved - Treatment of women?/Gender equality (usually don’t bring the same time of ideas or treatment of women as the majority culture) Author describes the issue of polygamy: immigrants coming in with many wives, and government realized that spending money on many people that come with them (many
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