Women in Global Politics notes10

Women in Global Politics notes10 - November 29th 2010 CHILD...

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th , 2010 CHILD MARRIAGES “I am very poor and have many problems…need money and I have three other daughters. Do you think I want to marry my daughter so young?” – Abdul Qasem (Father of the Bride) White cloth placed over her head so she would not be able to find her way back home, should she want to escape the marriage What is child marriage? Defined conventions - Convention on the rights of the child (article 1 under age of 18) - Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women (article 16) Recognized as a violation of rights Background information Bible - King ahaz died at 36 leaving a son- 25 years old - King Josiah 16, wife gave birth Islam - Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) married Aisha 10 Who is affected? Practice has decreased Lesser developed countries, poor areas Gender difference More than 100 million girls in the developing world will be married during the next 10 years When older man marries younger girl When two children marry Where? - Middle Africa, more than 60% - Middle East/North Africa 3.3. milliom - CEE/CIS 1/9 million - South Asia 31.3 million (especially India) Causes Poverty - Bride price - Economic burden Morality and honor - Maintain family honor (many tribes in Africa, important for daughter to be a virgin when married, so the earlier the better and the older the guy is, the more likely that he will be able to protect her from unwanted sexual advances) Within 3 years of puberty Tradition - India What are the consequences? -
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Women in Global Politics notes10 - November 29th 2010 CHILD...

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