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Women in Global Politics notes 1 - September 20, 2010 The...

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The Power of Grassroots Movement in American Women’s Suffrage Feminist movement. How it was started in the US? The drive of the movement Definition Spontaneous in nature- was not representative of all ppl in the US Provides a message far different from the traditional power structure Driven through local tactics to promote community level politics -women tried to work with state and local bureaucracies The Beginning of Movement Francis Wright and the Grimke sisters, Angelina and Sarah Elizabeth Cady Stanton an Lucretia Moot (1840) The Declaration of Sentiments, collective action between the abolitionists and suffragists The grassroots tactics used prior to the Civil War Post-Civil War Era The new economy The ethos of individualism The earning of wage, not part of “true” womanhood The “incorporation of American Feminism” and the use of the lyceum- informal public lecture that commercialized The individuality of grassroots tactics and the “whitening” of the movement- decentralized, took personal views and thoughts out onto the road- audience was predominantly white and angl-Saxon so took out African Americans Organized Political Association Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, merger of two parties to create the National American Woman Suffrage Association and the distinctively black National Association of Colored Women Split between ethos, grassroots approach, and color “Give me liberty or give me death”, courage often mistaken for insanity- women standing up for rights Gained the right to vote, one state at a time- first state was Wyoming in 1896 Iron Jawed Angels (movie) Alice Paul- heroine Radical feminism of the age- part of Congressional Union Party that she started (post- civil war era ) Her grassroots approach of parades, strikes, and picketing in front of the White House The last incarnation of the suffrage movement to gain the right to vote Full opposition collective action on the basis of human freedom individual approach with business mindset national organizations split between race and approach The power behind the grassroots movement of suffrage was the revolution that occurred which flowed with the changing of society Discrepancies between original policy of the Declaration of Sentiments and the actual
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Women in Global Politics notes 1 - September 20, 2010 The...

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