Women in Global Politics notes 3

Women in Global Politics notes 3 - October 4th 2010 General...

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October 4 th , 2010 General Overview: Senate committee on foreign relations creates and brings about the treaty and sends it to the President Took US 25 years to ratify the Convention (agreed to terms and conditions and become a state party) - The intervention clause - If you declare that there is genocide in a particular country, the state parties to the convention are supposed to convene on behalf on the country that is the victim - US did not sign because Clinton did not want to be involved in what he thought were tribal conflicts in the genocide in Rwanda - Signing a convention means that you accept the convention but the UN is not a monitoring body (of assessment, evaluation, ranking, rating- it is a neutral forum for debate) - NO monitoring body - IAEA sends inspectors but some countries (Eg. Iran) don’t allow inspectors to come in Human trafficking- for sex and for labor- labor can take different forms and labor can also have different aspect to it value of a convention Question of how do we address if something is good for one woman is bad for another? Whether a practice is something that’s positive or negative? - Martha Rosenbaum - Is there harm being done? What are the long-term consequences of our actions? - Be part of a group that influences Congress or Parliament through movements Burma and the Voice of Aung San Suu Kyi Country about 89% Buddhist Currently a military government and State Peace and Development Council Removed subsidies for gas and oil and Ana Sukii pleaded with them to act in non-violent manner, but extremely oppressed A lot of change in political parties- been ruled since military since 1962 Went to college in India, Great Britain and came back 1988, much political turmoil got involved in Burmese politics From pretty well-off family Aung San Suu Kyi placed under house arrest- July 19, 1989 Aung San Suu Kyi formed the NLD, National League for Democracy - “free election” in 1990- NLD won 59% of votes - Ideas resonated with the majority of people
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Women in Global Politics notes 3 - October 4th 2010 General...

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