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Journal entries 3 - Journal Entries 3 st Week 9: November 1...

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Journal Entries 3 Week 9: November 1 st , 2010 In today’s lesson I presented on prostitution in Islamic countries. Through my research on the subject, it was interesting to learn that even in the area of the world; the Muslim/Arab world where they have the strictest laws on sexuality, there are still heavy prostitution. I was intrigued by Nawal el Saadaw’s story of an Egyptian woman’s, Fridaus, life of prostitution in the Middle East. She was prostituted by her family at an early age, and goes through a series of stages in her life in the prostitution in which she learns engages in relationships with people that try to abuse her and take advantage of her. Finally, she meets someone who teaches her to be in control of herself and her income, and kills her pimp. Her story is powerful because it shows how, although she never chose her fate, her culture and her times never allowed her to put it behind her. She was at the point where she did not want to plead to be granted any sort of amnesty; she just wanted to die. In my presentation, I wanted to go beyond more than just giving statistics about prostitution, because we can all find that very easily when we go to google. What I wanted to do was to show the class pictures, videos, and discussion topics that will really get them thinking about prostitution in Islamic countries: why it is the way it is, and what is there to be done in the future. In the video that I chose, I thought it was striking that a woman with three children was brave enough to give up everything she had, marry a man who did not appreciate her and always beat her, pack her things and left and takes care of her children by day, but is a prostitute at night. All of this is juxtaposed by the fact that she is a devout Muslim. The video stirred up a lot of conversation for a myriad of reasons, but a lot of it along the lines that she doesn’t want her children to be educated so that they won’t judge her for being a prostitute after they find out what it is. At the same time, if her children are not educated, it will be harder for them to find jobs in the future, and could maybe lead to a cycle for more prostitution and a means to make ends meet. Also she does not think she is absolutely wrong by being a prostitute, and she goes to the Mosque to pray for forgiveness, but she also stated that she never wished that upon anyone and would not bring anyone else into the trade because that would be a sin. This just demonstrated the use of prostitution as a means to sustain oneself and one’s family due to a lack of job options for women and their families. Another topic of interest during the discussion was the issue of
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Journal entries 3 - Journal Entries 3 st Week 9: November 1...

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