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Human Rights&Ethics notes - September 22nd 2010 The...

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September 22 nd , 2010 The Return of Culture Mark Goodale is speaking to us. Ambiguous about whether there is any way out. Global movement led by global elites- feminist (women of the world will become one) - Strong critique of utopian illusion. What does he offer us in the last 2 chapters? Still optimistic. Really bizarre notion that once you’re born something, that’s what you are. Defines your being Part 1: Cowan on culture and rights after Culture and Rights: How are these two terms used in this continuing debate? - Used in many disciplines to define things that cannot be defined - Eg. Development Her past objectives were to show: How rights both enable and constrain people That rights can produce subjectivities, social relations and at times cultural identities - Within culture, social norms form rights that you have; boundaries you cannot cross That pursuing and achieving rights can have unintended consequences - Creating such activity (eg. Indonesia new republic of East Timor is half of an island and existed as separate political identity because part was controlled by Portuguese and Indonesian Army invaded and took over and tried to make people Indonesian. New post- colonial state tries to incorporate states to make Timurese. In response to incorporation was to find out that they are different - Unintended consequences Her Key questions: A. Does individual being-ness exist prior to socio-cultural web of meaning?
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Human Rights&Ethics notes - September 22nd 2010 The...

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