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Human Rights&Ethics notes4 - October 6th, 2010 Are...

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October 6 th , 2010 “Are Women Human?” Lucinda Peach (feminist): If we look at how human rights are legally defined, this question becomes relevant (although it is a rhetorical question) - Not just about socio-economic class, about gender Her Rhetorical Question: International Human Rights Law has been mainly written by men, for men, hence are women fully “human”? Empirical Global Reality: Women have less access to food, education and healthcare Women are the main victims of rape, sexual assaults and domestic violence Women consistently earn less than men for comparable work and have less access to income-producing activities Given this global reality: Do human rights accords serve the interests of women in general? Does biological sameness outweigh the social differences, manifested by race, ethnicity, economic class, and citizenship? Is the category of “women in general” of much use in terms of rights? - Why would groups have much impact? Insist on looking at the realities Multiple Feminist Approaches Liberal: focus on legal rights (eg. NOW: National Organization for Women) Care: foreground female ‘ethics of care’ vs. male ‘justice’ divide - What’s the problem with embracing dominant stereotypes eg. Women are caring, nurturing, men and aggressive, tough? Foregrounds women as better as men. Stereotypes are absurd because they are not natural; they are socially constructed)
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Human Rights&Ethics notes4 - October 6th, 2010 Are...

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