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Human Rights&Ethics notes5

Human Rights&Ethics notes5 - October 8th 2010...

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October 8 th , 2010 Gendering Culture: Women’s Rights in Botswana Griffiths’ anthropological focus: How gender frames the ways in which family ties are shaped; hence how power takes form This is a concrete, empirical, grounded study Meaning means something only because this “emerges from the situated contexts in which people live” (102)- which means what? - Rights issue specifically about marriage in Africa - Codify what constitutes marriage and who has what rights within a marriage (rules like these has made polygamy illegal universally) - Implies that women are better off in non-polygamous relationships - Is polygamy actually harmful? How is meaning constructed, by whom? - It is cultural Botswana Legal System Both British Common Law and local Customary Law - “tribal” law - What is the basis of common law? Sounds a lot like customary law, but this makes a claim to being universal Common Law precedes all human rights agreements as a universal legal code
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