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Human Rights&Ethics notes8

Human Rights&Ethics notes8 - 3 Migrant workers 4...

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October 22 nd , 2010 Rights or Commodities?? 1. Arms 2. Babies - outflow of babies from Romania and Russia to the US and even China - Does not critique the people that want to buy the baby - Just recognize that babies are being bought (maybe be thought of as adoption, but realistically it is a large-scale illegal industry) - Moral framework leads to break-down of communication
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Migrant workers 4. Drugs 5. Organs Bioethics: idea that doctors are suppose to be ethical and do no harm, so should they be participating in these sort of procedures? Prolong life of a certain small group of people in order stay alive for a small period of time longer for such a high price?...
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