Human Rights&Ethics notes10

Human Rights&Ethics notes10 - November 3 rd 2010...

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Unformatted text preview: November 3 rd , 2010 Indigenous Rights Do Indigenous Groups Have Rights? • Can groups have rights? • If yes, what is the limit to a group’s right to regulate individual behavior?- Religion (eg. Amish) Article 27, UN Rights Declaration • All have a right to “participate in the cultural life of the community…” • BUT: If cultural norms by definition are norms, then why should a community protect the right for individuals to dissent from these norms? eg. Catholic or Muslim community cannot control what individuals do. Indigenous groups different because are legal nations Our Creative Diversity (1995) • “respect for all cultures whose values are tolerant of others and that subscribe to a global ethics” (1995: 15) among Native American indigenous groups, secrecy and exclusion is part of the culture • Indigenous groups are different from other interest groups (such as religious, ethno- nationalist, women, children or even a broad category of ‘colonized peoples’), particularly in North America- Most similar to African-American slaves- Treaties define indigenous peoples- Profound problem: Supreme Court does not have jurisdiction over most Native American land; so Bill of Rights does not actually apply because cannot take claims to court- Say that it is not as big of a problem Not all ethnic groups are indigenous! • Ethno-nationalism- often a purity and violence agenda; membership by blood, birth and shared collective past highly exclusionary and bounded in grievance in the past- Hard to find an entho-nationalist movement that is not a racial movement- Eg. Serbians are “victims” and protecting Catholicism (stories matter)- Eg. Croatians were being inflicted violence by Serbs, while they inflicted violence on Muslims...
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Human Rights&Ethics notes10 - November 3 rd 2010...

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