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Human Rights&Ethics notes11 - November 5th 2010...

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November 5 th , 2010 Alas, our two questions remain: Who counts as indigenous? When can a dominant order impose liberalism and/or intervene in an indigenous community? - Navajo and Hopi have realize that in order to contest, have to see themselves as corporation I. Identity Questions One alternative: not just biological ties to pre-settler population but also continual cultural differences and visible marginalization - Washington Post story about white parents of adopted female Chinese babies - Growing sense of embarrassment/shame in China - Parents (highly-educated cosmopolitan people) see children see biological heritage of children as Chinese and take them back to China - Part of our society; so present elite of our society still see that - It doesn’t really matter how much native blood Tiger Woods has- the racial reality of the US, society has deemed him black although 50% Thai and 50% black, white, native American class status: black, rich and doesn’t have his roots experientially What do indigenous groups share? A common history of oppression A common experience of forced assimilation State-imposed education A loss of subsistence practices State abrogation of treaty rights BUT: little focus on formal independence - Little claim to show that indigenous people claim rights to independence/sovereign state II. Rights Question Groups tend to not demand independence, but instead authentic autonomy, including legal autonomy States are not viewed as rights protectors (see indigenous experiences with US authorities); increased focus on transnational regimes and accords- such as within the UN system - Indigenous groups would not trust the US government - Pragmatic view would be to not trust the government Convention signed, BUT which states have resisted these accords? -
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Human Rights&Ethics notes11 - November 5th 2010...

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