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Human Rights&Ethics notes12 - November 10TH, 2010...

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November 10 TH , 2010 GENDERED INTERSECTIONS? Women and rights with issue of legal autonomy It is an southern Mexico by the Gulf in an ambiguous relationship with the state. Mexican military has tried to intervene. It is a quasi-independent are that the state does not know what to do with have too many other things to deal with to deal with this little place - What role do women have? - Women collectives were fighting against civil society women’s collectives, so breakdown that collective rights always get in the way of individual rights What happens when women’s demands for individual rights meets indigenous demands for collective rights? - Returns women to fictive traditional sphere She says: There are multiple forms of feminism, and also of multiculturalism - Women don’t think alike; not same kind of feminists - Individuals making individual claims vs. feminist rights claims coming from group perspectives Liberal feminism vs. ‘care’ feminism vs. post-colonial feminism - Use romanticized view of women to keep women out of political sphere Multiculturalism: a neo-liberal model dominates! This celebrates (aesthetic) differences; Validates nebulous claims to ‘culture’; But erases any political basis to difference - In order to avoid exclusion This group has rejected Liberal autonomous rights model; Has also rejected state-defined ,multi-cultural model (232): Mexico case: Limited indigenous autonomy premised on usos y costumbres- justice, community, leadership, local decision making- but almost anything ‘traditional’
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Human Rights&Ethics notes12 - November 10TH, 2010...

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