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Human Rights&Ethics notes13 - November 12th, 2010...

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November 12 th , 2010 I. Heritage/Rights Eriksen&Logan: can indigenous collectives have rights and an individual have the right within such a group to have rights? - Contradiction and it raises problems - Whether we like it or not cultures (micro-cultures) tend to be coercive Brown: no, indigenous group rights threaten individual rights - Fundamental attack on individual liberty Kymlicka: calm down, North American groups have not trampled on individual rights nor hidden away their material culture. But if they wished to do either, there is not much the state can do. - Bill of rights does not apply on Indian territory - Practical viewpoint: says that do not really find this in practice II. Recognition Issue Who counts as a member of that group? blood percentage that says blood carries culture Benavides&Speed: dominant state authorities have the ‘right’ to grant legitimacy to indigenous peoples; only then can such groups make demands against these authorities - Say Samson view is problematic compared to what they had in past To achieve recognition, groups have to accept an essentialized version of themselves - By embracing romanticized past of unity Samson: this involves a performative “simulated sameness - More anthropological to find what counts as member: - Maybe kinship? / Oral history/ III. Multiculturalism Issue Neoliberal version of this asserts all people have a right to a hyphenated identity, but this cannot threaten existing order… Focus is on safeguarding individual rights within groups- Others can be Other as long as they are, deep down, neo-liberal autonomous beings - Other than class standing, there is little that will stop people from maneuvering through society (eg. Italian-American today vs. in the 1980s) IV. Gender Issue Speed: Gender rights do not trump groups rights or vice-versa- these intersect - Not women, not indigenous, are indigenous women Sieder&Witchell: Essentialized collective Maya identity restricts any gains in the rights of Maya women elites have embraced notion of Maya unification, but want to remove women from public sphere and return it to way it should/used to be V. Heritage Control Issue Brown: indigenous claims to tangible culture threatens public knowledge
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Human Rights&Ethics notes13 - November 12th, 2010...

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