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Akunna Ibe November 5 th , 2010 Research Paper Topic For my research paper, I would like to research sex workers in Southeast Asia: namely Prostitution in Thailand. I am also taking a Women in Global Politics class this semester in which we have started talking about the sex trade in conjunction with the law; laws that protect or in some cases, the lack of laws that protect women against the trade. In that class though, we are looking at the topic in terms of human rights and I would like to expand that and look at the cultural aspects that influence the sex trade. I was very intrigued by the article by Lucinda Peach that we read in class that discussed how some women are forced into the trade, and the driving
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Unformatted text preview: forces of some of the women choosing to enter the trade in Thailand. Even more interesting was realizing how religion- in this case Buddhism- plays a role in the trade. I think that with more research, I’ll make the topic more specific but so far this is the general look at what I would like to focus on in my paper. I’m really excited to get to know more, because I know that Thailand is one of the most known countries for its prostitution that occurs quite unhidden. It has almost become an integral part of its economy, and I would like to look into and understand how and why it has come to be as such! Thanks!...
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