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Psych 1010 Lecture 1 - cant have them which will make them...

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Sept. 8/2011 Psych 1010 Prof: Rebecca Jubis Scientific Method 1. Theory (a coherent network of explanatory ideas). General abstract statement. i.e. frustration causes aggression. You can never prove a theory because it is a work in progress it is always changing, it is always subject to change. Until studies you will never be able to prove a theory, many external factors. May say results of my study CONFIRMS the theory but does not PROVE the theory. 2. Hypotheses (specific predictions derived from the theory). Make an operational definition. Specific details of theory. i.e. show 5year olds candy and tell them they
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Unformatted text preview: cant have them which will make them frustrated. See if that leads to aggression. You make the operational definition of what is aggression. Define aggression as punching a bobo doll for example. Hypothesis is kids who are deprived of candy display more aggression to those who have not been deprived. 3. Empirical Research (conduct study to test hypotheses): Findings support hypotheses confidence in theory increases. Findings do not support hypotheses confidence in theory decreases. You either discard theory (unadvised) or you revise and refine the theory. This leads to back the creating a theory. 4....
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