Jim Crow Laws Paper - Jim Crow Laws Paper Jessica L....

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Jim Crow Laws Paper Jessica L. McConkey HIS 125 10/30/11 Adam Howard
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The Beginning of Jim Crow Law Jim Crow Laws began after Reconstruction in 1876. These laws were written by the Democratic Party to legally enforce the segregation between blacks and whites. Jim Crow Laws made sure that public places, public transit, public schools, restaurants, bathrooms, and even water fountains would be segregated. These laws seriously interfered with an African American person’s life and livelihood. It was always hard for blacks to find work, especially when competing with whites, but these laws made it more difficult. Many employers, like mills, hired predominately white employees. The only reason that blacks went into most white homes was as servants. Blacks could not serve jury duty and were punished more harshly than whites if they committed the same crime. If a black servant went into a white house, they had to use the backdoor. Black people were even tarred and feathered. If a black person dared to cross the color line, they would likely be punished with violence like whippings, beatings, lynching’s, or rapes, especially in the Southern United States. African American Responds
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Jim Crow Laws Paper - Jim Crow Laws Paper Jessica L....

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