2006 - Name: ID number: True / False Questions (50 points...

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Name: ID number: 2 True / False Questions (50 points in total) Please fill in the correct answer on the supplied computer form! Do not give your answer to the T/F questions here! Ignore the question mark, if provided. 1. Real Estate is lumpy. TRUE / FALSE 2. Insurance companies tend to invest more in Real Estate because they have inflation-indexed obligations. TRUE / FALSE 3. Indirect Real Estate offers inflation-protection through the rental contracts. TRUE / FALSE 4 Housing will be a growth market instead of a replacement market. TRUE / FALSE 5. Long interval expectations will lead pension funds to over-invest in Real Estate. TRUE / FALSE 6. The efficient frontier consists of all asset combinations that maximize return and minimize risk. TRUE / FALSE 7. According to Piet Eichholtz, international diversification works better for property shares than for stocks and bonds. TRUE / FALSE 8. Household formation determines the qualitative demand for housing. TRUE / FALSE 9. Shares in mutual funds are always traded at Net Asset Value (NAV). TRUE / FALSE
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ID number: 3 10. Closed-end funds do not redeem shares. TRUE / FALSE 11. Closed-end funds generally are issued above NAV. TRUE / FALSE 12. For shareholders, dividends received from Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) are exempted from taxes if REITS distribute at least 95% of their taxable income. TRUE / FALSE 13. Front-end loads are known more formally as contingent deferred sales charges. TRUE / FALSE 14. Operating expenses are periodically deducted from the assets of a fund. TRUE / FALSE 15. Investors can avoid the bid-ask spread when purchasing exchange traded funds (ETF). TRUE / FALSE 16. Charging redemption fees if a mutual fund is sold within 5 days of purchase will limit the impact of late trading using stale prices. TRUE / FALSE 17. stocks over large cap growth stocks. TRUE / FALSE 18. European mutual funds suffer from diseconomies of scale, according to TRUE / FALSE
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2006 - Name: ID number: True / False Questions (50 points...

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