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I would like to hear Marcel's experiences and gain inspiration from his stories. I am looking to do a Entrepreneurship master but realize that it is often an ability that you are born with or not. An ability that you can develop, but like a natural instinct it is often engrained in your body. Since a young age I have exploited my entrepreneurial ability through small businesses, starting with a bright yellow painted Lemonade stand in the middle of Georgetown, Washington DC's oldest and most affluent area. This evolved into
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Unformatted text preview: dog walking and snow shoveling businesses, all inspired by my fascination of money and simple economics. Eventually sports took over my life, but after years of maturing and tasting life's fruits I am ready to be re-inspired and look for exciting opportunities. How has the internet led to the evolution of your business? Does it create more competition or has it increased the efficiency of your supply chain? What does your business have that cannot be replicated, redesigned and resold?...
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