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ERP exam prep - In addition other literature also suggested...

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What are the principle characteristics of data mining? → Closed What are the different strategies for implementing ERP? Why is it surprising to see ERP adopted by more and more companies? → Open (using arguments from articles) 5 questions, each focuses on a topic, 3-4 subtopics for example Data Warehousing (ERP implementation success) Article found. ..however the finding also suggests, justify why?
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Unformatted text preview: In addition other literature also suggested that. ..? Know outcomes of hypothesis and justifications. 80% of exam questions related to problem statement. – What is on demand BI? BPR / BPM – redesigning versus management (?) Waterfall concept. Do not learn the factors – Learn approaches and concepts! Not necessary to know figures/graphs. Be able to describe the intuition behind them....
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